Si Body Paint


Si Body Paint

After spending most of her career in traditional print mockery journalism, Cindy beginning blogging and tweeting, first as NFL/Redskins editor, and, since August 2010, at The Early Lead. She also is the convival media editor for Sports. Follow @cindyboren

Si Body Paint

After expenditure most of her career in traditional print sports journalism, Cindy began blogging and tweeting, first as NFL/Redskins editor, and, since August 2010, at The Early Lead. She also is the social media editor for Sports
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Si Body Paint

Did she have to shave everything off before the shoot? “It was from the back,” she above-mentioned, and, “I’m not a hairy personify. It’s a little bit too much information, but you asked.”

Si Body Paint

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Si Body Paint

And although Wozniacki felt naked at first, she became comfortable after taking a look in the mirror, she explains in the video. For Wozniacki, the opportunity has been positive and one that she hopes to continue for as long as she can
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Si Body Paint

Hannah Davis made a splash on the front of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but her racy screen is just the start of the sexy moments the magazine has to sacrifice. While many ladies sculptured cute suits and some opted for a little less coverage, others went a different route with their “swimwear.” Four models — Erin Heatherton, Genevieve Morton, Rose Bertram, and Hailey Clauson — fixed for the cameras in nothing but body sketch, and the results are stunning. Scroll through to see the barely there “bikinis.”

Si Body Paint

When tennis star Caroline Wozniacki was bid to pose for this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, there was no doubt in her mind she would understand. It was just last year that Wozniacki made her debut in the magazine’s annual swimsuit issue and she has since expressed her love for the experience. To Wozniacki, the photos are a healthy way to describe females and female athletes
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Si Body Paint

In this year’s issue, due out Feb. 15, Ronda Rousey actually is nude but for layers of body draw in a couple of photo shoots. Landing one of three SI swimsuit covers may have been a “dream come exact” for the former UFC bantamweight champion/actress, but it was a dream that Rousey receive was a weak eery and accomplished only with long, laborious days. Rousey, in an SI behind-the-scenes video that is NSFW, jokes that it was “the longest I’ve proper walked around naked since I was like 10.”

“I feel totally naked. But when I look in the fashioned, it’s the weirdest thing — I feel like I have plenty of clothes on,” the 19th-ranked women’s tennis player in the world smack in the revealing clip
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Heading into the photo shoot this year at Petit St. Vincent, an ait in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Wozniacki thought she would be fitted lie down and sleep through the body sketch process. Instead, she ended up standing for at least five or six hours before she was allowed to lie on a table
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“I’m standing there naked for 14 hours and shooting for all this time and at the end of the day, they’re like, ‘Do you want to eat? Do you want water? Do you want anything else?’” she told “I’m like ‘No, I want a bra pronto. All other needs fall later.’ ”

More: See Lindsey Vonn’s gallery The photo protrude with Sports Illustrated’s Frederic Pinet was a long, grueling share. While SI’s cameras tape-recorded her obtention body-painted, the ski racer sarcastically said, “Totally exact right now. Totally normal.” The World Cup downhill record-holder had fun with the beach shoot. “When you see the suit on a hangman, and then you see it on your body painted, it’s such a dissimilar experience,” she aforesaid
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Caroline Wozniacki was body-painted for this year’s edition of the Sports Illustrated dee issue. In this behind-the-scenes video, she clear up that “I’m totally naked, but when I look in the mirror it’s the weirdest thing—I feel like I have plentiful of clothes on.”

Sports Illustrated pulled out all the stops to commemorate it’s 50th anniversary of its annual pronounced edition. The famous sports magazine never ceases to surprise its league of followers so it’s no surprise that this year’s edition was yet another page-turner. Photographed by Walter Iooss Jr. on location at St. Lucia, pattern Cris Urena, Emily Ratajkowski, Samantha Hoopes, Lauren Mellor and Hannah Ferguson signior some niftily location body-picture for the photo shoot. The swimsuits are inspired by those worn by past SI models such as the 2007 Susan Holmes axe pick swimsuit (“Pickini”) now ‘worn’ by SI newcomer Ratajkowksi or Kathy Ireland’s sequined swimsuit now ‘worn’ by Lauren Mellor. The whole process from the painting through the shoot could take up to 18 hours so we salute these beautiful troopers who did it all with a smile to bring the public another magnificent distribute
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Vonn, who won the Olympic gold medal for declivous skiing in 2010, retro Tiger Woods for more than two years before the couple split in 2015. Wozniacki, a former world No. 1 in tennis, was engaged to Rory McIlroy before McIlroy ended the engagement in 2014
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“In high train, people would be asking me to flax and grabbing my arms to the point where I was wearing zip up hoodies to cover my arms, even if it was 90 degrees out,” Rousey, whose body doesn’t fit the mold of the prefigurative SI swimsuit model, either, said. “You shouldn’t be self-apprised about being yourself. And there’s many different kinds of gem and I’m glad it’s being shown.”

“Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue should be renamed the Sexploitation Issue,” said Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the center, said (via “This magazine has a long history of sexually objectifying women for sport, and any store that displays SI’s February issue is impel the message that it agrees women’s bodies are for public consumption.”

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